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5 reasons to replace coffee with a herbal tea

Here at Woodland Herbs we have over 100 different herbal teas, however many of us like our morning cup of coffee. Working in a natural health shop we know that there are lots of reasons to cut back on coffee and here are five – maybe they can encourage you to cut back on your coffee habit.

1. Caffeine. Caffeine is a trigger to your adrenal system, the “fight or flight” mechanism humans evolved to run away from lions. Your body responds to adrenaline by diverting blood away from digestion to the muscles – ready to run; your heart rate increases – ready for activity; and many other changes. This “stress” response puts your body on edge. Constant caffeine consumption continually causes this state and can lead to difficulties such as exhaustion, irritability, and even dips in performance once the caffeine hit runs out. The move in historical practice from having a cup or two of coffee a day to having a constant stream of coffee is not normally considered good for your overall health.
2. Milk. Most herbal teas don’t really suit milk (a small amount of sugar or other sweetener such as honey can be added if needed). There are many reasons to cut back on dairy – and reducing how much milk you have in hot drinks is an easy way to reduce your dairy intake.

3. Health giving alternatives. With over one hundred herbal teas you could be taking something really positive for your health every time you have a hot drink. One of our favourites is nettle. It is high in iron, Vitamin C and the B vitamins. It is so nutritious it smells like cut grass or compost – however it has a smooth green refreshing flavour.

4. Taste. Many people struggle the first time they have a herbal tea as most herbal teas don’t have the very strong tastes of coffee or tea. By giving your taste buds a rest and something else to try, you are likely to begin to appreciate flavours in foods, wine and other drinks even more.

5. Natural affordable remedies. Once you find that herbal teas can be enjoyable and healthy you are likely to find that you are able to use teas from time to time as simple and natural help. From chamomile as a night time drink if you are having difficulty sleeping, to peppermint if you have an upset stomach, most people can use herbal teas to help with a huge range of ailments – saving you money, living a more natural lifestyle and you may even begin to help your family or those close to you with their minor ailments.


So next time you habitually reach for a cup of coffee why not think about trying one of the nice tasting tea – consider limeflower, lemon balm, peppermint or nettle as good places to start. Our tea sample sets have six different loose herbal teas, a tea infuser and a book (or a smaller sample set with a leaflet) to get you started. You don’t have to give up coffee completely, just find the right balance for you.



Graham Swanson is the co-owner of Woodland Herbs a natural healthcare shop and clinic in Glasgow and has over a decade’s experience in natural healthcare.

Note: This article is for information only. Consider seeking medical advice if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, if you are already taking prescription medication or if your symptoms continue or worsen.