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Stand Up Straight – 5 Myths about Posture

There are people in the world whose main job is to help us sit up correctly, stand in harmony with our bodies, run, walk, play instruments and all forms of movement exactly how nature intended. These amazing people are Alexander Technique teachers. For many teachers this is their overwhelming passion – helping people to reduce injuries, prevent wear and tear on their bodies, and to be able to go further, sit longer, have less pain […]

Tinnitus: Scotland’s problem buzz

Many of us will have experienced a temporary buzzing or ringing in the years after a night out at a noisy nightclub or concert, particularly if you’ve found yourself close to the speakers.  For generations of teenagers, battle-hardened metallers and punks and hedonistic clubbers, how much noise a person can tolerate was often viewed as some sort of masochistic test of prowess.   Hopefully such attitudes are disappearing, however.  Take a look around next time you […]

Some Useful Websites for more info on some therapies in glasgow

We are really happy that for a number of therapies  there are some dedicated websites that offer greater details than our main site for Sports massage got to sports massage in glasgow for a lot of information on acupuncture try this website if you are considering thai yoga massage visit thai massage in glasgow for a huge amount of info on medical herbalism We can also answer specific questions by email, on the […]


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese system of healing, practiced for thousands of years. It can be used to diagnose and prevent disharmony. Disharmony arises when the flow of Qi and Xue becomes blocked, deficient or excessive. It adjusts the flow of Essential substance (Qi/Vital energy) to overcome deficiencies, disperse excess, dispel dampness, ease dryness, warm Cold, and cool Heat. What to Expect Acupuncture is relatively painless. It is done using fine needles, not at all […]