The Medical Herbalist

Herbal medicine is the treatment of ailments using plant remedies in a therapeutic dose. This is normally done with the advice of a trained medical herbalist, who can combine a number of herbs in a prescription for optimum effect.

Although some herbs are appropriate for specific ailments, herbs are most often used to support the body’s ability to heal itself. This is why herbal medicine is often considered a holistic therapy, it treats the person and not just the condition. Herbal medicine is the oldest and still the most popular form of medicine throughout the world. While many people buy their herbs over the counter from shops such as our herbalist dispensary “Woodland Herbs” in Glasgow, a consultation with a medical herbalist therapist allows a herbal prescription to be written specifically for you.

A herbalist who is a Member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (MNIMH) have had four years training, enabling them to prescribe safely from a wide range of herbs. Medical herbalists in Britain use herbs primarily from Europe, but also from all over the world to treat both physical and emotional problems. Herbal medicine is successfully used to treat millions of people throughout the world for a large range of problems.The following are testimonials of patients treated by medical herbalists at Woodland Herbs:

“I didn’t realise how bad my periods were, I would just have put up with it and I am delighted how much they have improved.” Miss L, Glasgow.

“Much better – my IBS attacks are less frequent and less severe” Mrs S, Kirkintilloch.

What to Expect in during a Herbalist Consultation?

Herbs have been used for many centuries and medical herbalists have access to information on potential drug interactions and are trained to degree level. Herbal medicines are normally a more “gentle” treatment, using doses appropriate to the individual. Medicine charges are comparable with NHS prescription charges and the cost of a consultation may be less than you would think. Herbs bought through a medical herbalist are often cheaper than over the counter herbal products.

Herbal medicine consultations treat the patient not the illness. Initial consultations normally last for one hour, allowing assessment of other contributing factors such as diet and lifestyle changes. Herbs support the functioning and nourish the body allowing the body to help itself. 

Herbal medicine is suitable for all stages of life; from birth to old age.

Interview with Anna Hill Medical Herbalist

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Medical Herbalism FAQ

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Simple Ailments Herbalism Clinic Glasgow

Simple Ailments Herbalism Clinic Glasgow

At Woodland Herbs Glasgow, our qualified medical herbalists are able to offer a simple ailments service. For simple ailments, a short appointment will allow the herbalist to recommend from a selected range of herbal remedies only available with this service to allow you to self-manage your condition. This short 15 minute appointment costs £10. Herbal remedies are charged separately. For more information Click Here.

Children’s Herbal Clinic Glasgow

Children's Herbal Herbalism Clinic Glasgow

Our herbalists can treat children from birth onwards using herbs, natural remedies, supplements and diet. For more information on our children’s herbalism clinic in Glasgow Click Here.