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Homeopathic Remedies A to Z List

We suggest seeking guidance from some of the excellent reference books and websites that are generally available if you wish to know more about homeopathy. To assist in accessing those resources a list of brief descriptions of UK homeopathic practitioners common uses of traditional homeopathic remedies based on Traditional Use Only for a number of the milder conditions is listed below. Additionally we recommend contacting NHS24 or your Doctor before proceeding on a course of self-treatment to ensure this is suitable for your circumstances.
Remedy Traditional Use by Homeopaths in UK based on Traditional Use Only Notes


(pronounced Ackonite)
Symptoms are sudden, violent brief – anxiety, fear, restlessness, grief – high temperature with great thirst – Insomnia
Apis mel Insect stings. Burning, stinging pains. Swelling of lower eyelids. Absence of thirst
Argent nit Colic. Headache. Dizziness
Arnica(pronounced Aah-nicker) Use after any injury. Bruises. Sprains. Physical exhaustion. Insomnia due to over tiredness. Muscles ache all over Arnica is also a very popular herbal remedy.
Arsen alb Upset stomach. Vomiting. Diarrhoea (as from food poisoning). Cramps in calves.
Belladonna Brightly flushed face. Swollen joints. Vertigo. Facial neuralgia. Severe throbbing headache. Dry hacking cough. acne
Bryonia Irritability. Dryness. Dry painful cough. Dry lips. Thirst especially for cold drinks.
Calc carb Cracked skin in the winter. Period pains. Itching skin. Premenstrual tension. Toothache. Vertigo. Insomnia.
Calc fluor Head colds with thick greenish-yellow discharge.Catarrh. Croup. Toothache.

Burns and scalds before blisters form; sunburn
Carbo veg Indigestion with excessive flatulence. Hoarseness. Loss of voice. Tinnitus with nausea and vertigo.
Chamomilla Teething; irritability and restlessness; colic; green slimey diarrhoea
Cocculus Travel sickness; nausea with hollow sensation in stomach; nausea during pregnancy
Colocynthis Colic; stomach pains; flatulence; cramp; stitching pain
Euphrasia Cold with watery eyes and streaming nose. Hayfever
Gelsemium Influenza. Sneezing. Sore throat. Symptoms of flushing, aching, trembling. Weary with heavy aching muscles. Runy nose. Vertigo. Gelsemium is still used by professional medical herbalist but is not available over the counter.
Graphites Unhealthy skin. Cracked finger tips. Constipation. Tinnitus. Earache. Sinus trouble. Dandruff
Hepar sulph Skin highly sensitive. Acne. Croup. Earache.
Hypericum Painful cuts and wounds. Lacerated wounds involving nerve endings. (after consultation with a medical professional)l Hypericum is also known as St John’s Wort.
Ignatia Fright. Prolonged grief. Sore throat. Piercing headache.Insomnia
Kali phos Mental tiredness from overwork. Nervous exhaustion. Nervous indigestion. Loss of voice. Hoarseness. Giddiness from exhaustion and weakness
Lycopdium Irritability. Fear of failure. Period pain. Premenstrual tension. Hiccough with acidity.
Mixed Pollen Hayfever when triggered by pollen
Nat mur Sneezy cold. Runny nose. Vertigo. Premenstrual tension. Housemaid’s knee
Nux vom For over indulgence in food and alcohol. Itching piles. Stuffy colds. Vertigo. Constipation. Raw throat
Phosphorous Dry cough; hypersensitivity; night sweats
Pulsatilla Premenstrual tension. Catarrh. Styes. Menopause. Acne. Tinnitus
Rhus tox Rheumatic aches and pains. Over-exertion. Pain in ligaments. Tickling cough
Ruta grav Injuries to bones. Fractures, dislocations. Sprains of wrists and ankles. Eye strain. Urticaria
Silicea Physical and mental debility due to exertion. Boils, abscesses, acne. Bunions. Chronic headaches. Sinus trouble
Sulphur Unhealthy looking skin. Tendency to skin disease. Itching skin. Acne. Insomnia Tinnitus Lack of energy
Thuja Warty growths. Morning headaches Thuja herbal tincture is used for its anti-viral properties to treat warts and can be prescribed by a qualified medical herbalist.