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Therapeutic Massage – the one massage to rule them all

When looking at  a choice of massage therapies offered by some spa’s and clinic’s I often despair that massage will one day stop being a skilled practice by professionals and become a service offered in MacDonalds. “So its a Bigmac and fries and a back-shoulder-stress-buster-massage, and would you like you to supersize that with a coke and a foot massage?”. The menu approach to choosing a massage based on packaged options may be the result of a marketing genius observing how we buy other things but I don’t believe it is right for massage treatments.

In our Glasgow clinic our team of ten massage therapists offer therapeutic massage treatments. When you book in the therapist can then modify and adjust their massage treatment to focus on different things. For example if the client asks to focus on the back then the therapist can spend more time on that area, and even more important if during the treatment they think the problem may be related to shoulder tension or tight hamstrings they can explain to the client that it may be good  to work on those areas too. It also means that during the treatment if a particularly tight group of muscles or knots needs to get extra attention and also maybe even returned to later in the treatment when they have recovered from the initial massage strokes then that is what can happen.

This adjustment and freedom for a skilled therapist to read the clients body and to listen to what they think or feel is the key to a successful treatment, whether helping with muscle pain, high stress levels or an injury. So next time you see a massage menu which has ten different options with fancy sounding names, perhaps it is time to look for a skilled therapeutic massage therapist who can adjust their treatment to what is best for your body.