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Dried Herbs AtoZ

About our dried herbs

We have over 100 dried herbs available to buy for UK delivery. Our wide range of dried herbs and dried herb mixes are sourced from leading UK medicinal herb suppliers. Our herbs are normally supplied in resealable 50gram bags. All herbs are listed by common name, for help finding a dried herb's common name click here

How to use dried Herbs

Uses of dried herbs vary, from making a herbal tea/infusion, as an ingredient in a herbal skin cream, or even the stuffing for a cat's toy. Due to UK legislation on herbal remedies our dried herbs for herbal teas cannot be sold with indications or doses for their use a medicinal herbal tea. Professional guidance is available from qualified medical herbalists such as those found in our Glasgow clinic, from books such as Bartram's Encyclopeia of Herbal Medicine or on a wide range of websites. Our Herbal Information section contains some general information on using herbs.

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