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One Village Incense Sticks

One Village Incense Sticks

A selected range of incense sticks from One Village. (12 sticks per packet)


  • Rose   
  • Sandalwood   
  • Orange   
  • Vanilla   
  • Lavender   
  • Frankincense   
  • Cedarwood   
  • Patchouli   
  • Musk   

  • Description
  • Directions
Gorgeous fragrances to perfume the home. One Village's aromatic incense sticks are hand made according to the traditional method absolutely free from synthetics or animal substances.
Cedarwood: Clears the head and refreshes the body. Fine powder extracts from the tree, combined with dry flowers and natural oils.
Frankincense: Hearty blending of wood resins and powders, a measured quantity of sandal and other essential oils, produces this celebratory incense for meditation and concentration.
Jasmine: A rich and purifying fragrance from the classical night-blooming flower: a warm and exotic escape from anxiety.
Lavender: Harmonizing and relaxing; restorative and soothing. Distilled fresh lavender delicately enhanced with other comforting oils.
Orange: Pressed peel of the fruit.
Patchouli: Oil distilled from a fragrant herb: a fragrance said to be an antidepressant; stimulating and arousing. A favourite in India.
Rose: Alluring and extravagant, some say this is the scent of angels.
Sandalwood: Pure rolled sandalwood powder and the finest sandalwood oil, to purify and invigorate body and mind.
Musk: The earth perfume, made from a pure and healing blend of natural plant oils.
Place in an incense holder, light the coated end and blow out the flame.