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Power Health Korean Ginseng GX2500+

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Power Ginseng GX2500+ contains a concentrated 30% ginsenoside rich extract from Panax CA Meyer 4-6 year old korean ginseng roots. Up to 8 times stronger than other ginsengs.
size: Size varies
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Korean Ginseng is an adaptogenic herb traditionally used in many cultures as a rejuvenating tonic, POWER GINSENG GX2500+ contains both groups of Ginsenosides, Rg1 and Rb1 which give Ginseng its adaptogenic properties,each capsule provides 100mg of Korean Ginseng Extract containing typically 30% Ginsenosides.

CautionsCautions and Contraindications :Not recommended in cases of high blood pressure unless recommended by a medical professional. Seek advice if taking anti-coagulents, MAOI's, anti-diabetics or stimulants. Seek advice if a female with history of, or high risk of, fibrocystic breast disease or oestregen dependent cancer

Brand/Manufacturer :Power Health

Form :Capsules

Organic Status :Not organic

Vegetarian Suitability :Not suitable for vegetarians
Typical Ingredients: Soya Bean Oil( bulking agent), Korean Ginseng Extract (30% Ginsenosides), Beeswax,Lecithin(Soya)(emulsifiers) , Gelatine, Glycerin(capsule shell) Natural Colour Red Iron Oxide (E172).
Typical Dose (if available) :Directions: One capsule a day after food


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