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Acupuncture for Pain Management Treatment Glasgow

Pain can take many forms, from a minor irritation to a crippling pain that interferes with normal day to day activities, not to mention the effects on sleep, emotional state and mobility, or even the effects of long term pain medication.

Pain can be felt anywhere in the body, be that joint pain, e.g. arthritis, period pain, headaches/migraines, muscular pain - often caused by tension, tendonitis and most commonly lower back pain, with a massive 90% of the adult population within the UK suffering at some point in their life. And as yet, orthodox medicine seems only able to provide temporary relief via pain killers for the majority of pains felt.

Acupuncture however provides lasting relief without the harmful side effects of many of the pain killers on the market today. Within as few as 3-4 treatments many find that the chronic, persistent pain they once felt has become a thing of the past, and within a few months find they can return to a normal life, freed of the burden of the pain.

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