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Aromatherapy FAQ

Aromatherapy FAQ
Why is Ylang Ylang referred to as I, II, Extra and Complete?
When making Ylang ylang the first part of the distillation is referred to as Ylang Ylang Extra (about 40% of the distillation), the next part is Ylang Ylang grade I and then Grades II and III. Ylang Ylang Complete is either Grades I and II mixed together or all the grades including extra mixed together. Ylang Ylang Extra is the best part of the distillation.

Which Part of the Plant is used to make the oils?
It depends on the oil. It can be the petals (Rose), the twigs (petitgrain), the peel of the fruit (orange), the whole fruit (Juniperberry), leaves, bark, stems, or event the whole plant all mixed up. It depends on the plant and that the grower/processor harvests and processes it correctly. Depending on the extraction method and where the equipment is the plant may be dried or fresh when processed.

I am having homeoapthic treatment, can I use my essential oils?
The answer will depend on the views f your homeopath however it is best to store the homeopathic remedy away from stong smells and ideally to use them at different times. Some authors suggest avoiding black pepper, camphor, eucalyptus and peppermint if using homeopathic remedies.

How do I store my oils?
It is best to store essential oils with the bottle upright, in a box or location out of direct light and away from children. Make sure the lid is on tightly every time.

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