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Bidor 5% Tablets
Bidor 5% Tablets

Price: £8.50 

A mineral tablet for the relief of migraines
Size: 100 tablets

    Details :For prevention of migraine.

    CautionsCautions and Contraindications :Contains Iron: do not exceed stated dose.

    Brand/Manufacturer :Weleda

    Form :Tablets

    Organic Status :Not Organic

    Vegetarian Suitability :

    Typical Ingredients :Each 200mg tablet contains: Ferrous sulphate monohydrate 4.0 mg and Silica 1.6 mg in a base containing Maltodextrin, lactose, sucrose and vegetable binders.
    Typical Dose (if available) :ADULTS (over 12 years): Unless otherwise directed, during an attack, 1-2 tablets to be swallowed with water every half to one hour until the symptoms are relieved, up to a maximum of 20 tablets in any 12 hour period.CHILDREN (6-12 years): Bidor 1% tablets are recommended for the relief of migraine or headaches.
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