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A Vogel's Bio-Propolis Ointment

Product ID:
Ointment containing 3% Purified Propolis Extract
Size: 2 grams

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Details : Bio-Propolis is made from a unique patented propolis extract collected from a special variety of Canadian Poplar Trees. It contains a specific spectrum of active ingredients, termed ACF - Active Complex of Flavonoids

CautionsCautions and Contraindications : Do not use if allergic to propolis or other bee products. Propolis may cause skin irritation in some people. Discontinue use if rash appears. Avoid contact with the eyes. For external use only. Not suitable for children under 12 unless on the advice of a healthcare professional

Brand/Manufacturer :A Vogel

Form :Ointment

Organic Status :

Vegetarian Suitability :Not suitable for vegans as propolis is a bee product
Typical Ingredients: 3% Purified Propolis Extract ACF (Active Complex of Flavonoids), white petrolatum, liquid paraffin, lanolin and ethanol
Typical Dose (if available) : For external use only. Apply to the affected area 5 times a day

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