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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation with less than 24 hours until the appointment - 10
Cancellation with less than one hour until the appointment or failure to attend - Full Fee

[Cupping and Simple Ailment Clinic Bookings: Once booked and paid in advance the appointment time cannot be changed.]

Payment can be made over the phone, online or in the shop.

Queries Regarding Cancellation Fees

At Woodland Herbs we feel our cancellation policy is amongst the most generous in Glasgow. Appointments cancelled with more than 24 horus notice incur no charge. A cancellation fee of 10 is charged for cancelling within 24 hours of the appointment time. The full fee is only charged when cancelling with less than one hour until the appointment or for failure to attend an appointment.

Our self-employed practitioners require sufficient notice of cancellations to allow new clients to book into their cancelled appointment time. Late cancellations mean that practitioners are not able to earn their own living during that time and will also have incurred costs such as room hire, insurance and training costs etc.

We understand there can be many reasons for missing an appointment, however it is only by having a fair cancellation policy that appointment charges can be maintained. Cancellation fees should be paid prior to making a new booking to see a therapist.

As one of out therapist says "When someone makes a booking for an appointment to see the dentist or buys tickets to the cinema they know that they would be charged if they failed to attend the appointment or the film. I do not believe that an appointment made to see myself is different. I know that the clinic staff take care to ensure the cancellation policy is included on appointment cards and try to mention it during every telephone booking."

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