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We regularly receive comments from our customers, whether in the shop, internet customers or clinic customers. We have collected a few testimonials here to share.

Medical Herbalism
"Because the herbal medicine is composed of a variety of herbs it is able to help my multiple symptoms. When I take it I feel better, with more energy and generally a better constitution. It has alleviated my menopausal problems of tiredness and flushes and lessened my frequent headaches."

L. McKay, Glasgow

"I would like to thank Anna Hill and all staff at Woodland Herbs for the fantastic IBS treatment I received. I found the dedication and herbal knowledge I encountered to be first class and would recommend the clinic to anyone suffering from this illness."

Jim, Glasgow 14th January 2011

Wonderfully relaxing, I really enjoyed the shoulder, neck and back massage. I have very tight neck and shoudlers and now feel I could go home in a bucket, great!!

Janet Brown, Glasgow

I was full of aches from playing rugby so the therapeutic massage really helped. Also, this was my first time and I will definitely be back.
Steven Tate, Glasgow

Hi guys! how are you? hope you're all well! I just wanted to share something with you. I went to XXXXXXXXXXX recently for a massage (I had a gift voucher- otherwise i would have come to you guys!)
I was very disappointed. The person I saw really didnt seem to care one iota and were very harsh in their manner, tone, and in their hands.
I just kept thinking how much better ALL of you that I have ever had a massage from at WH are! And i felt the desire to tell you so! I have had treatments from all of you and each and every one of you is really good, has years of experience, and and cares about what they do. I think that is very valuable! So next time, Im coming to you guys!

Melissa Garvie, Glasgow
Hopi Ear Candling
I find the hopi ear candling incredibly relaxing. I had an ear candling the night before I was due to present on awards event in frront of 500 people. It not only relaxed me, but made me feel uplifted as well and I felt incredibly relaxed throughout the whole awards evening. Many people commented on how relaxed I seemed! I think the relaxiing and uplifting herbs used in the ear candling as well as the technique really helped.

Natalie Minnis, Glasgow
Barney Green
In late 2001 I went from living life to the full to hiding in my bedroom. I suffered spontaneous pneumothorax (collapsed lung), at the age of 25 this brush with death became my downfall. My health continued to deteriorate over the next 2 years, although physically fine, mentally I was destroyed and now suffered from severe depression, panic attacks and agrophobia.

Initially I took the route of modern medicine and took a variety of medications, went to physiotherapy to learn to breathe and received counselling to try and get me back on my feet. However my life was still on hold and I couldn't venture far from home or familiar surroundings without collapsing in floods of tears, terrified of everything and nothing.

A chance meeting with Woodland Herbs at a University event in 2005 left me feeling relaxed and happy... me... happy? I followed up the uni event with a visit to the shop in Woodlands Road and am now a monthly visitor to Barney Green. His kind words, simple advice, genuine manner have been a gift, plus he gives me a wonderful massage! My back hasn't felt this good in years, my shoulders are no longer hunched and I can walk tall, even in foreign countries!

Thanks to Woodland Herbs (Barney in particular) I've found my feet again and can look the world in the eye. It can still be a scary place but I know there are ways to stand tall and cope.

Catherine Noble, Renfrewshire

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