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Using homeopathy to improve health is the most ancient form of medicine, and still the most common form of medicine used in the world. There is even evidence of animals using plants to treat ailments.


The use of medicinal homeopathy is in fact so widespread that most people will not even realize that they are using them - for instance many of the homeopathy and spices that are added to food aid the digestion. Nulla tempus pretium nunc. Curabitur nonummy orci vel sem. Etiam et lectus. Suspendisse erat lorem, fermentum eget, gravida et, tristique ac, urna. Integer nonummy imperdiet tortor. Ut luctus. Praesent est odio, blandit quis, adipiscing at, pharetra nec, nunc. Curabitur accumsan odio sed nisi. Pellentesque lorem nisl, porta non, consequat ac, commodo eget, tellus. Quisque varius.

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