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Counselling Glasgow - Confidential Counselling Therapy

The majority of us cope well enough with day to day problems which arise in our lives. Sometimes, however we meet a situation or have experiences that can stretch our coping resources, reduce our mood, increase our stress or anxiety or affect our behaviour. Sometimes to the extent where we might find it difficult to seek the usual support of a friend or family member.

According to Tim Bond (2012) an expert in Counselling ethics; "Counselling is a profession where relating and responding to others has the aim of providing them with opportunities to explore, clarify and work towards living in a more personally satisfying and resourceful way."

Counselling may be helpful for the following:
- anxiety
- depression
- stress
- illness
- anger
- relationship and family problems
- major life changes
- OCD or PTSD or eating disorders

Counselling can be helpful for many difficulties where specific events in your life have affected you. It may also be that there has been no crisis but you have developed some anxiety or sadness about a situation and you would find it helpful to have one or two counselling sessions to help you to resolve this or to deal with it differently.

There are a number of approaches to counselling such as:

CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) in Glasgow

"With the explosion of new research, cognitive behavioural therapy has become the treatment of choice for many disorders, not only because it reduces people's suffering quickly and moves them towards remission, but also because it helps them stay well" (Judith S. Beck 2011) CBT is a structured style of counselling where the individual and therapist work together to bring about an enduring improvement in the persons overall experience. CBT is goal focussed, often leaving the individual with the skills to deal with any future issues.
Anything you choose to discuss with the counsellor will be held as strictly confidential, and treated with respect and in accordance COSCA's (professional organisation) ethical guidelines. The counsellor will not pass on any information without your request or permission. Unless there is risk of physical harm to yourself or others.
The first session is an opportunity to meet with the Counsellor and to discuss whether Counselling may be helpful for you and to agree on an initial number of sessions. Please contact Woodland Herbs using the details below to make an appointment.

The Sessions At Our Glasgow Therapy Centre

Counselling or Talking Therapy is one way of approaching the difficulties that you are experiencing in your life. During the session, you will be invited to talk through anything that is bothering you and that you feel you would like to understand more. The therapist aims to create a safe, relaxed environment where you can voice and explore your thoughts and feelings openly and freely without being concerned about judgement.

Your choice of what you would like to look at and how much in each session will be respected. Anything you choose to discuss with the therapist will be treated confidentially.

The focus of the session is on encouraging and supporting you in the process of finding your, personal meanings, or the decisions that feel right for you in relation to the difficulty that you decide to look at. If this kind of self-exploration (with open expressions of honest feelings) is new to you, you may find the process awkward or challenging at first. At the same time, the session will provide an opportunity for you to learn another great coping strategy to face your difficulties.

The session will involve you looking into your thoughts and feelings. If you think you may find difficulty keeping your attention on or describing your thoughts and feelings during the session (e.g. due to any health conditions or effects of any drugs or alcohol), please contact us prior to booking. As a complementary therapy clinic (i.e. not a place that specialises solely in psychotherapy or treating mental or psychological illnesses), the clinic may not be fully equipped to provide sufficient support for those with such conditions as: - severe mental/psychological illnesses - drug or alcohol addiction (unless in the process of rehabilitation) - severe learning disabilities.

The therapist may refer you to, or work in cooperation with other support organisations. Please contact us in advance if you feel unsure if any of these issues apply to you.

If you need to ask a question then please Contact Us.

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