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Cranberry Juice Tablets

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Powdered Cranberry Juice Concentrate Tablets providing 180mg of 25:1 Cranberry Juice Concentrate which is equivalent to 4500mg of Fresh Cranberries. Also known as Vaccinium macrocarpon.
size: 90s
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CautionsCautions and Contraindications :Excessive consumption may induce a laxative effect. This product does not cause a laxative effect if taken as directed.

Brand/Manufacturer :Power Health

Form :Tablets

Organic Status :Not organic

Vegetarian Suitability :Suitable for vegans

Typical Ingredients:Sweetener: Xylitol, Powdered Cranberry Juice Concentrate Powder, Magnesium Stearate.
Typical Dose (if available) :Chew or swallow one or two tablets a day as a food supplement

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