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Preparing A Cream (From A Base Cream)

Preparing A Cream (From A Base Cream)
Creams are a mix of water, oil and an emulsifying agent. This means that you can add water based products (herbal tea or a tincture) and/or oil based products (infused oil or essential oil). By mixing your own you can produce a product specific to you. When making you own cream with a mix of herbal infused oils and/or essential oils you could either make your own cream or use a base cream.

When mixing a cream try to get a vegetable based cream. Vegetable based creams do not contain products from the oil industry (you may be surprised how many contain products based on petroleum or paraffin). Petroleum oils are not absorbed into the skin, this leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft, but does not actually moisturise it.

Herbal base creams can also be bought which already have herbal extracts added in the preparation of the cream. Calendula (marigold), chamomile, comfrey and chickweed cream are all popular bases.

Once you have found a good base cream you can add up to a quarter of its weight in oil or water products, or one drop of essential oil to 5gm of cream. After adding the ingredients together mix them well and store in an airtight preferably, dark or opaque, container.

Many commercial creams will contain preservatives of some sort, so your mix may not need to be kept in a fridge (check to see if your base cream needs to be kept in the fridge). Herbal preservatives such as benzoin essential oil or vitamin E (either as a vitamin E capsule or in the form of wheatgerm oil), can be added to help with preservation.