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Discounted Prices, Special Offers and Subsidised Prices

We offer a wide range of therapies at competitive prices. We do however offer some discounts, special offers and subsidised prices for some therapies where possible.
TherapyAppointment DetailsNormal PriceStudentOAPLow IncomeOthers
Aromatherapy Massage | Therapeutic Massage 1 hour40Glasgow Uni (see bottom of page) | Full Time Students by individual therapist   THE MORNING MASSAGE
Monday to Friday before noon for 32
Other Massage Deals
(Full Time)
Medical HerbalistFirst Visit (1hour)
Return Visit (30 min)
First Visit 35
Return Visit 20
12 (8)
(Full Time Only)
12 (8)
(if principal income is State Pension)
12 (8)
(Household income is income support or similar
Children under 12 :
First Visit 18
(30 min)
Return Visit 13
(15 min) )
Acupuncture45 minFirst Visit 32
Return Visit 32
First Visit 27
Returrn visit 27
(Full Time Only)

Additonally we offer special offers on some short-notice appointment through out twitter account.
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Insurance Related Qualifications

Insurance Related Qualifications

In some instances people may be able to reclaim the cost of selected treatments from BUPA or other healthcare/insurance provider. The main practitioner qualifications and their awarding body for a range of therapies/therapists in the clinic are available Here. PLease check with your insurer if in doubt as information may change without notice.

Glasgow University Staff, Students and SRS Members

In addition members of the Glasgow University Sports and Recreation Service, Glasgow University students and staff should consult the SRS website for specific rates applicable to them. Click here to go to the Glasgow University Sport and Recreation Home Page

Glasgow Unviersity

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