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Emulsifying Wax 100g

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Emulsifying Wax Size: 100g
Emulsifying Wax NF, which is widely quoted as being the most popular emulsifying wax. NF means National Formulary Emulsifying Wax and it refers to the American standard formula. Use this waxy material to emulsify your water and oils together. Usage of emulsifying wax varies based on the combination of thickeners but normal usage rates are between 3 and 6% emulsifying wax of the total weight of your recipe. Emulsifying Wax NF is vegetable derived.
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CautionsCautions and Contraindications :

Brand/Manufacturer :None

Form :Emulsifying Wax Pellets

Organic Status :Not applicable

Vegetarian Suitability :Derived from Vegetable sources
Typical Ingredients :(Ingredients: Cetearyl Alcohol, Polysorbate 60, PEG-150 Stearate & Steareth-20e
Typical Dose (if available) : It is used to bind oil and water together in creams, lotions etc. It is a white waxy solid. It has the characteristics of cetyl alcohol combined with the viscosity building effect of stearyl alcohol as an effective thickener and helps form extremely stable emulsions in either w/o or o/w preparations.

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