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Fiona Hoey Massage Therapist

Fiona is a massage therapist with 30 years of experience. A member of the Federation of Holistic therapists, sje completed my Therapeutic Massage training with the College of Holistic Medicine in 1991. Since then, she has worked and studied internationally, training in Deep tissue work, Crystal healing Massage, Watsu, Lomi Lomi, and with many different cosmetic houses and Spa providers. Sheis currently studying for an Advanced Clinical Diploma in Myofascial therapy. Fiona has have been lucky enough to have been a senior therapist and Spa Director in some of the most beautiful locations in the world.

Her approach the whole person, working with the body and mind to release deep-seated tension, persistent aches, pains, and promotes wellbeing. She believe that we all live busy lives juggling, family, work, and the stresses of our environment, often, and we often forget to take care of ourselves. She belives that if you are in pain, feeling tired and overwhelmed or in need of some relaxation and nurturing then she can help.

During treatments Fiona may perform a functional assessment to measure joint range of motion if there is any impairment or crunchiness in an area, or at what point within a movement, you start to experience pain. To chart your progress, she may repeat these movements at the end of the session to measure the improvement. Her massage style is focused, slow and very relaxing and may use trigger point therapy, deep tissue and myofascial therapy, and these combinations of light, and deep pressure will normally help clients feel better and improve movement.

Therapy calendar

Fiona's clinic times and prices are shown below - click on the therapy name below for more information or click here to view the full clinic diary.

Therapeutic Massage

Therapist Fiona Hoey


  • 1hr £40
  • Tuesday
  • morning
  • Wednesday
  • afternoon
  • Thursday
  • afternoon and evening

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