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Our Therapies

We offer a range of therapies in our Glasgow therapy rooms. Our wide-ranging therapies offer a holistic therapy approach to well-being, physical and mental health, as well as conditioning of the body and mind, and healing and repair. From Swedish massage therapy to reflexology and Reiki, and pregnancy massage to manual lymph drainage, our range of expert therapists are here to look after you.


treats a wide range of conditions by inserting fine needles into specific points on the body to rebalance the energy ("Qi) of an person. more

Alexander Technique

enables us to unlearn detrimental habits which cause chronic problems. When practiced it promotes integrity in the body as a whole and improves quality of life. more

Bowen Therapy

A hands on therapy with amazing results. more


The professional use of herbs to treat wide range of ailments. more

Holistic Facial

A facial treatment including cleansing, moisturising and gentle massage. more

Hopi Ear Candling

A therapy used to relieve congestion of the ear. more


A therapy used to manage a wide range of issues. more


A form of bandaging used for relieving inflammation. more

Manual Lymph Drainage

A therapy to help remove excess lymph fluid (from injuries, lymphoedema and other causes). more


works on zones on the feet and hands. By applying gently pressure to these zones the whole body can be treated, alleviating a wide range of ailments. more


is a Japanese word meaning "universal life force". The practitioner channels life force energy to the patient and removes any blockages. more


is a traditional Japanese therapy, working on energy flows within the body, via massage and acupressure more

Massage Therapies

20 minute Seated Massage

is performed seated and fully clothed, ideal for lunchtimes or as a quick treat. more

Therapeutic Massage

(also Remedial, Swedish or Deep Tissue) is suitable to treat problems including muscular pain, tension or stiffness or to aid relaxation. more

Pregnancy Massage

A specially trained therapist massages to relieve the tension and soreness that may occur during pregnancy. more

Sports Massage

Uses a range of massage techniques to prepare the body for activity or to help recovery. more

Indian Head Massage

A massage therapy focussed on the head and shoulders. more

Hot Stone Massage

uses volcanic basalt stones with heat retaining properties to massage as well as being placed on the body. more

Aromatherapy Massage

uses essential oils, extracted from plant and trees in conjunction with massage to promote health and wellbeing in body, mind and spirit. more

Thai Yoga Massage

is an ancient form of healing from Thailand. It is performed clothes and incorporates acupressure, reflexology and yoga stretching. more


is a traditional Japanese therapy, working on energy flows within the body, via massage and acupressure. more