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Homeopathy Guidance

Homeopathy Guidance
We suggest seeking guidance from some of the excellent reference books and websites that are generally available if you wish to know more about homeopathy. To assist in accessing those resources a brief description of UK homeopathic practitioners common uses of traditional homeopathic remedies based on Traditional Use Only for a number of the milder conditions is provided below.

Additionally we recommend contacting NHS24 or your Doctor before proceeding on a course of self-treatment to ensure this is suitable for your circumstances.

Below is our list of homeopathic remedies by ailment. Please have a look down the list to find your ailment and its corresponding homeopathic remedy. We also have an A to Z list of homepathic remedies.

Traditional Use by Homeopaths in UK based on Traditional Use OnlyPossible Choices
ACNEback to top
The face is dry and burning, but cold applications make things worse.Arsen alb
The patient is restless and chilly. Arsen alb.
The face is red, dry and burning hot. Belladona
Large infected spots on the face and back Hepar sulph
Patient constipated, irritable and chilly. Condition made worse by alchol, tea or coffee. Nux vom
Spots made worse by rich, fatty foods Pulsatilla
Red, painful, itchy spots. Rhus tox
For skin that scars easily Silicea
For long standing acne, aggravated by warmth and washing. Sulphur
ANXIETYback to top
Sudden panic attacks Aconite
Lacking self confidence. Fear of heights and crowds. Argent nit
Feeling restless and irrable. Patient chilly. Arsen alb
Anxiety following bereavement or break-up of relationship. Ignatia
Hates fuss and sympathy. Nat mur
Highly nervous and sensitive. Aggravated by thunderstorms. Phosphorus
APPETITEback to top
Continual craving or complete loss of appetite. Arsen alb
Feeling of emptiness after meals. Calc carb
Variable appetite. Ferrum phos
Aversion to food. Hunger prevents sleep. Ignatia
Excessive appetite which is easily satisfied. Lycopodium
BEREAVEMENTback to top
Where the death is sudden and the shock severe. Aconite
Cannot get over the loss. Prolonged bereavement.Ignatia
BAD BREATHback to top
Salivation with sour taste in mouth. Ignatia
Offensive breath and sweat. Merc sol
Breath sour after a stomach upset. Nux vom
Mouth dry but no feeling of thirst. Pulsatilla
BITES & STINGSback to top
When there is swelling and bruising. Arnica
Insect Stings. Apis mel
Horse-fly bites. Hypericum
Purple discoloration around the bite. Lachesis
Pain from puncture wounds from small sharp objects. Ledum
BODY ODOURback to top
Profuse sticky sweet all day. Skin sensitive. Hepar sulph
Perspiration which stains clothes. Merc sol
Unhealthy looking skin. Problem feet. Sulphur
Sweats in uncovered parts. Thuja
BOILSback to top
With redness, heat and throbbing. Belladonna
Sensitive boils which weep easily. Hepar sulph
Boils slow to develop and heal. Silicea
BRUISINGback to top
For all soft tissue injuries, leading to bruises. Arnica
Bruising of the breast. Bellis perennis
Bruising due to varicose veins. Hamamelis
Painful bruises on fingers and toes. Hypericum
Bruising of the bones. Ruta grav
BURNS & SCALDSback to top
Sunburn with redness, heat and throbbing. Belladonna
Sunburn remedy, taken just before, or just after blistering starts. Cantharis
General treatment for burns and scalds. After a day in the sun when reaction is expected. Causticum
Stinging burns and scalds. Urtica urens
CATARRHback to top
Profuse watery discharge with sneezing and burning of the nose and lips. Allium cepa
Copious burning and clear watery discharge, chilliness, craving for heat, great exhaustion, watery eyes. Arsen alb
Catarrh lying on chest which feels tight. Bryonia
Thick greenish/yellow discharge in lumps. Worse after rest and from damp weather. Calc fluor
Bland nasal catarrh with watering eyes. Euphrasia
Thick yellow discharge. Worse at night. Loss of smell. Pulsatilla
Sinus catarrh with headaches. Obstinate nasal obstruction and sneezing in morning Silicea
CHILBLAINSback to top
Chilblains worse for cold. Patient chilly. Calc carb
Chilblains worse for warmth, when limbs hang down. Pulsatilla
COLICback to top
Colic relieved by pressure on the stomach. Colocynthis
Worsened by movement. Bryonia
Extremely irritable, better when carried around. Chamomilla
Stools feel too large and hard to pass, especially in the elderly. Bryonia
No desire to open bowels for several days, then pass large stool. Colicky pains and bowels ache. Graphites
Great flatulence. No stools passed for days, then hard stools passed with difficulty. Lycopodium
Frequent urge to pass stools, but always feel that more to come Nux vom
Not strong enough to expel stool, so slips back in. Silicea
Stools large, hard, dark and dry. Painful to pass. Sulphur
COLDS & FLUback to top
Beginnings of colds & flu particularly from exposure to cold winds. Fever, chill and thirst. Aconite
Common cold with much sneezing, watering of eyes and acrid nasal discharge. Allium cepa
Eyes and nose stream. Exhaustion. Desire sips of water. Arsen alb
High temperature/fever. Incoherent behaviourBelladona
COUGHSback to top
Dry, tickling, irritating cough. Sudden onset from exposure to cold wind.Aconite
Restless and anxious, wheezy with burning sensation in chestArsen alb.
Dry, tickly, barking cough. Violent coughing fits end in sneezingBelladona
Hard dry cough with stiches in the chest and headacheBryonica
Tickling cough with yellow, sour and offensive sputum. Head and neck apt to sweat at night.Calc carb
Hard, racking cough with pain in chest bringing exhaustion. Inability to bring up phlegm.Causticum
Persistent, irritating cough coming from deep down in chest, occasionally leading to vomitingDrosera
Hoarse cough with roughness and scraping sensation in throatHepar sulph
Spasmodic cough with wheezing, rattling and loss of breath, either leading to vomiting without nausea or intense nausea unrelieved by vomitingIpecac
Cough with stringy phlegmKali birch
Cough originating from tickling in pit of stomach, with painin headNat mur
Dry, tearing, spasmodic cough with retchingNux vom
Violent, hard, dry, exhausting, tight or racking cough with yellow sputumPhosphurus
Cough dry in the evening, loose in the morning with thick, bland yellow-green discharge and tickling larynxPulsatilla
CYSTITISback to top
Information not availble - please visit our page The rules on natural health, where we can help and where we can't
Information not availble - please visit our page The rules on natural health, where we can help and where we can't
DIARRHOEAback to top
Information not availble - please visit our page The rules on natural health, where we can help and where we can't
EARACHEback to top
Earache after exposure to cold, dry winds.Aconite
Throbbing pain made worse by warmthBelladonna
Painful. Irritable and weepy.Chamomilla
Throbbing pain, better for warmthHepar sulph
Ear swollen and red, worse at night. Patient weepyPulsatilla
ECZEMAback to top
Information not availble - please visit our page The rules on natural health, where we can help and where we can't
FIRST AIDback to top
Shock, fear and panic after an accidentAconite
All injuries that lead to bruisingArnica
To aid healing from burns and scaldsCantharis
For painful crush injuriesHypericum
For sprains when the bone is bruisedRuta grav
Injuries to bones and tendonsSymphytum
FLATULENCEback to top
Upset, rumbling stomach. Nervous anticipation of coming eventsArgent nit.
Excessive flatulence with belching and a full sensation in the abdomenCarbo veg
Flatulence with colicky stomach painsColocynthis
Bloated feeling after a light meal. Much flatulenceLycopodium
Caused by overeatingNux vom

Information not availble - please visit our page The rules on natural health, where we can help and where we can't
HANGOVERback to top
Too much food and drink. Headache with coldness and irritability.Nux vom
HAYFEVERback to top
Nose and eyes stream. Frequent and severe sneezing. Worse in the morning indoorsAllium cepa
Nose tickles violently. Sneezing violent and painful with watery burning discharge, making upper lip sore.Arsen alb
Eyes burn, itch and water constantly. Runny nose with much sneezing.Euphrasia
Violent sneezing with blocked nose. Face hot and flushed,Gelsemium
General remedy where condition is allergic response to pollen.Mixed pollen.
Copious catarrh and sneezing, often with cold sores or mouth ulcersNat mur
Irritation of nose, eyes, throat and face with prolonged bouts of sneezingNux vom
Copious thick catarrh and sneezing. Relieved by open air.Pulsatilla
Sinusitis with blocked stuffy nose. Worse on first waking.Silicea
Pain begins over the forehead and ends in the neck and shoulders. Worse for movement.Bryonia
With painful watering of the eyes.Euphrasia
Lessened by bending the head backwardsHypericum
Migraine over the eyes, preceded by blurred vision.Kali bich
With humming in the earsKali phos
Headache on right side. Concentration makes pain worse.Lycopodium
Throbbing, blinding headaches. Hammering migraine, with zig-zag lightsNat mur
Too much food and drink. Headache with coldness and irritabilityNux vom
Headaches worse in the evening or associated with periods. Patient weepy.Pulsatilla
Migraine begins in the neck, travels over the head and ends in one eye.Silicea
Left-sided headache. Pain as if the nail driven into the headThuja
INDIGESTIONback to top
Lack of appetite and weakness following illness. May develop diarrhoeaArsen alb
Indigestion straight after eating. Food lies like stone in the stomachBryonia
Stomach full of windCarbo veg
Indigestion from too much starchy food. Excessive wind. HeartburnLycopodium
Indigestion from overindulgence. Stomach feels swollen.Nux vom
Indigestion a few hours after eating, from rich foods.Pulsatilla
MENOPAUSEback to top
Hot, red face. Dry vaginaBelladonna
Dry vagina. Black stools with constipationBryonia
Hot flushes of the face. Nosebleeds. Scanty periods.Graphites
Hot flushes with headaches and dizziness. Flooding periods.Lachesis
Hot flushes. Patient weepy and moody.Pulsatilla
Hot flushes and faintness. Sinking feeling in the stomach. Intercourse causes much pain.Sepia

Periods late or scanty. Often associated with exposure to cold winds.Aconite
Pain begins just before start of period. Irregular, painful and heavy Actaea rac.
Bearing down pains with heavy, hot, bright red loss.Belladonna
Feels tired, giddy and chilly. Breast swollen and painfulCalc carb
Heavy periods in adolescent girls. Pain and backache.Calc phos
Period stop due to bereavementIgnatia
Early periods with passage of clots. Sickness before and during periods.Ipecac
Dry vagina. Pain in the lower abdomen with headache.Lycopodium
Irregular periods. Headache and depression with backacheNat mur
Scanty periods. Pain in lower back.Pulsatilla
Abnormal vaginal discharge with sallow patches on face. Feel tearful or irritated.Sepia
MOUTH ULCERSback to top
Information not availble - please visit our page The rules on natural health, where we can help and where we can't
NAPPY RASHback to top
Baby overweight, head sweats at night.Calc carb
Skin itchy with blistersRhus tox
Dry, red itchy rashSulphur
NAUSEAback to top
Diarrhoea and vomiting. Feel cold, weak and anxiousArsen alb
Travel sicknessCocculus
Griping pains in abdomen. Symptoms worse when travelling.Ipecac
After over-indulgence in rich food and alcoholNux vom
Vomiting as soon as the food or drink is warmed by the stomach.Phosphorus
Vomiting after rich, fatty foods.Pulsatilla
PANICback to top
Following an accidentAconite
Fear of appearing before an audienceArgent nit
FearfulArsen alb
Fear of crowds, death and impending misfortuneFerr phos
Examination nerves. Fear of failureGelsemium
Tired and lacking energy. Cold sweats. Breasts swollen and painful. Calc carb
Irritable and over-sensitive. Symptoms of cystitis.Causticum
Breasts painful. Symptoms worse in morningLachesis
Bad tempered and depressed. Crave sweet thingsLycopodium
Breasts tender. Moody and irritable but refuses consolationNat mur
Feeling irritable and chilly. Constipation with frequent need to urinateNux vom
Over-sensitive and cries easily. Changeable moods. Irregular periods.Pulsatilla
Scanty periods, with feelings of tiredness. Sad and depressedSepia
PSORIASISback to top
Information not availble - please visit our page The rules on natural health, where we can help and where we can't
RHEUMATISMback to top
Muscular soreness and bruisingActaea rac
Burning, stinging painsApis mel
Pain resulting from earlier injury. Bruised feeling.Arnica
Pain worse for movement and warmth. Better for pressure (bandaged)Bryonia
Pains in the jaw and neck. Better for warmth.Causticum
Pains flit around joints. Worse for warmth, better for cold applicationsPulsatilla
Pain worse on beginning to move but improves with continued movementRhus tox
Pain affect jointsRuta grav
Sleeplessness after shock or panicAconite
Waking around midnight. Restless, worried and apprehensiveArsen alb
Sleepless, crying children associated with teething and colic. Want to be carried aroundChamomilla
Feel too tired to sleepCoffea
Sleeplessness after emotional upset or bereavementIgnatia
Mind keeps going over the work done in the day. Dream a lot, with talking in sleep.Lycopodium
Sleeplessness due to great mental strain or overindulgenceNux vom
Feel too hot in bed, throw covers off then feel cold. Worse for rich food. Pulsatilla
Irritable and restless, with pain and discomfortRhus tox
SORE THROATSback to top
Develops after exposure to cold wind. Should be started as soon as possible at outset of the illnessAconite
Face and throat red and hot. Swallowing is painful. Belladonna
Mouth and throat dry. Feeling of thirstBryonia
Pain worse during the night and from drinksCalc fluor
Throat raw. Pain extends to earGelsemium
Throat very sensitiveHepar sulph
Throat dry and sore. Swallowing painfulMerc sol
Sore throat from over use of the voice ir too much smokingNux vom
SPRAINSback to top
Sprain coupled with bruisingArnica
Sprain painful for movementBryonia
Pain improved by gentle movementRhus tox
Sprain with bone injuryRuta grav
STRESSback to top
Everyday emotional and mental stresses and strains. Panic attacksAconite
Mentally and physically exhausted from over-workCalc carb
Loss of self-confidence, fear of being unable to cope with stress of workLycopodium
Tired, burnt-out executive. Never stops thinking about work, cannot sleep for worryNux vom
STYESback to top
Recurring styes. Eye red, eye lid swollen and painfulApis mel
Styes with pusHepar sulph>
Eyelids stick together. Thick greenish yellow dischargePulsatilla
Dry, scaly eyelids, stick together overnightThuja
TIRED EYESback to top
Eye muscles tired from looking into the distance for too longArnica
Eyes ache when you look up, down or to the sidesNat mur
Tired eyes from nervousness or apprehensionPhosphorus
Eyes burn after close work or studyRuta grav
Shooting pains made worse by cold drinks and windAconite
Taken before visits to the dentist to reduce bruising and after-painArnica
Toothache from bad teethCalc fluor
Teething in infantsChamomilla
Severe toothache. Pressure on the tooth is extremely painfulCoffea
Pain worse during the night and from drinksMerc sol
Stinging nettle rash. Better for cold applicationsApis mel
Burning, itching skin eruptions. Patient restless and anxiousArsen alb
Violent itching with skin cracksLycopodium
Skin red and blisteredRhus tox
Rash develops in open air. Not relieved by scratchingSepia
WARTSback to top
General remedy for wartsThuja
For more information and original material visit http://www.nationalcenterforhomeopathy.org/
If a condition is persistent, or could be serious, please consult your Doctor immediately. It is always best to avoid taking medicines during pregnancy. Always read the label.
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Where to Buy Homeopathic remedies in the UK

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