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Make Your Own Perfume

Modern Perfumes may include a range of man-made chemicals, and can cost a lot of money. Making your own enables you to design a unique natural fragrance.

To Make A Perfume: Use 20 drops* of essential oil in 10ml of an un-fragranced fixed oil (such as grapeseed oil). A glass rollerball normally holds 10ml of oil. Place 20 drops of your chosen essential oil in the bottom of a rollerball bottle and then fill it up to the neck with grapeseed oil. Push the rollerball top into the bottle top, replace the lid and label with contents & date. Shake the bottle before applying to the pulse points. *If you have sensitive skin use half the amount of essential oil.
Make Your own
Making your own perfume is fairly simple. Anna explains how in this short video from STV's the hour. Making Your Own Perfume .

Popular Smells

Bergamot - fresh, citrus, herbal
Cinnamon - sweet, warm, spicy
Frankincense - spicy, woody
Geranium - sweet, floral, warm
Jasmine - floral, fruity, sensual
Lavender - fruity, herbal, floral
Lemon - fresh, sharp, citrus
Neroli - fresh, rich floral
Patchouli - musky, spicy, woody
Petitgrain - sweet, floral, herbal
Rose - floral, warm, feminine
Sandalwood - musky, woody
Ylang Ylang - floral, spicy, strong