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VASER Aftercare With Manual Lymph Drainage

VASER Aftercare With Manual Lymph Drainage
Anna is experienced in treating people after a number of different cosmetic procedures, including liposuction and VASER liposuction.

Manual lymph drainage (MLD) is quickly becoming a popular part of the care after VASER liposuction. The touch is very light, while the results can be deep, therefore treatments are possible very soon after the procedure, normally within 3 days.

Following VASER liposuction the area that has been treated will be swollen. This is due to your body’s natural reaction to the procedure causing inflammation. The compression garment you will wear afterwards will limit the inflammatory reaction and help maintain the shape.
MLD can also help reduce inflammation and scar formation. The lymphatic system naturally removes surplus fluid throughout the body, and MLD increases the efficiency of the lymphatic system. MLD has been shown to reduce oedema, inflammation and scarring, therefore after VASER it can help repair the tissue, remove the swelling faster and help ensure that the end result is smooth and even. Overall MLD will help you to attain the final results faster.

If areas of hardness have developed MLD can help remove them, without the need for deep tissue massage which may exacerbate localised swelling. Complementary treatments such as the use of a Hivamat200 machine and kinesiotape can also help.

The number of MLD sessions that are recommended following VASER liposuction varies depending on a number of factors, including the delay between the procedure and the initial MLD appointment, the individual’s ability to heal and lifestyle.

Therapy Calendar

Manual Lymph Drainage clinic times and prices are shown below - click on the therapists name below for more information about them or click here to view the full clinic diary.

MLD,Post Liposuction MLD and Kinesiotaping

Therapist Anna Hill


  • MLD 1 hour 10 minutes £50
  • Post Liposuction MLD 1 hour 10 minutes £50
  • Note: 10 deposit taken on booking
  • Kinesiotaping: First visit 45 minutes £30
  • Ongoing Treatment including Taping 30 minutes £25
  • Retaping Only 15 minutes £10
  • Book Now by Phone or Email
  • Tuesday
  • afternoon and evening
  • Wednesday
  • morning and afternoon
  • Thursday
  • afternoon and evening
  • Friday
  • morning and afternoon

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