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Past Life Regression Therapy Glasgow, Scotland

Past - life regression is tuning into the unconscious mind to recall memories of past experience and it can happen in many ways, for example, sometimes the experience happens spontaneously, prompted by person, place or event which jogs the memory. An investigation of reincarnation by means of a past - life regression makes a subject more acutely aware of the consequences of each thought, action and the motivations behind them. The discovery that your past actions have created the difficult situations and undesirable personality traits you are dealing with now, as well as the goodness and beauty in your life and yourselves, is a much stronger, more tangible motivation to use the best within us, to create the best of futures.

Reincarnation is the theory that man's awareness, or soul survives death and returns to be born again into a new physical body with renewed opportunity to progress and grow in knowledge and wisdom. When you understand your true nature and free yourself from imaginations and accept full responsibility for your actions.

Our conscious mind is only the tip of the iceberg. Under the water, subconscious mind has records of every past sensation, experience and memory from birth and perhaps in utero.

During the Past Life Regression Session

During the past life regression therapy at our Glasgow Clinic, there are number of steps:-

Step 1 - Hypnotize
Step 2 - Seeing past-life (Finding out if there are anything needed to heal in the past life that has influence in this life). You will bring with you from the regression experience things that will be beneficial for you in any way. You will leave behind things that might be detrimental to you in any way.)
Step 3- Awaken (you can discuss about your experience if you would like to do it.)

After the session you will feel tired, because of using your subconscious mind that you usually don't use. You need rest, plenty of water and to be kind to yourself.

First Appointment Process

Special notes for first appointment.
Prior to the first appointment there will be a 30 minute consultation. After this intial consultation the script will be made for your treatment session. There needs to be at least 4 days space between the consultation and first session.

Although this is a free consultation a £20 non-refundable depost toward the treatment session will be taken. The balance of the treatment price is charged at the first session.

For second and subsequent appointments the normal price will apply.

Therapy Calendar

our Glasgow Past Life Regression Therapy clinic times and prices are shown below - click on the therapists name below for more information about them or click here to view the full clinic diary.

Past Life Regression

Therapist Harumi Josifek


  • 90 minutes £60
  • An initial 30minute consultation several days before the first visit is required. (a £20 deposit is taken)

  • Book Now by Phone or Email
  • Thursday
  • morn and aft
  • Saturday
  • morn
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