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PitROK Crystal Natural Deodorant Stick

PitROK Crystal Natural Deodorant Stick

A gentle but effectice deodorant based on pure natural mineral salts that provides day-long protection against body odour. When applied to freshly cleaned skin it reduces the ability of odour causing bacteria to thrive.
Size: 100g


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Details :It is essential that PitROK is applied to freshly cleaned skin, therefore always use immediately after your bath or shower. Simply apply to wet skin or dampen the crystal first using moistened fingers. Please do NOT wet directly under tap. Keeping the crystal dry between uses will enhance product life. Apply to underarms or feet. Dries in about a minute.

CautionsCautions and Contraindications :Do not apply to broken skin. Do not place on porous or unsealed surfaces such as marble or granite.

Brand/Manufacturer :PitROK

Form :Solid

Organic Status :

Vegetarian Suitability :Suitable for Vegans
Typical Ingredients :ammonium alum
Typical Dose (if available) :