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Sports massage

Sports massage
Sports Massage Glasgow Clinic incorporates Swedish massage techniques but is used to stimulate muscles prior to an event/workout, or to stretch and relax the muscles after an event/workout.

Sports massage can be applied to any part of the body but is most commonly used on the larger muscle groups of the legs, arms, back and shoulders.

Whether you are using massage as part of your preparation for an event such as the Glasgow 10k, as an ongoing aid to your training or to support recovery from an injury our sports massage therapists should be able to help.

Who benefits from Sports Massage?

Anyone who is involved in sport or physical training activities at any level can benefit from a good sports massage. This is because massage helps keep muscles loose and joints flexible. This has the advantage of enhancing performance but also helps reduce the possibility of injury and the resulting interruption to training. If a muscular injury has occurred it may be helped to heal more quickly and effectively with a series of sports massages.

How it Works and where it can be useful

How Sports Massage works:
  • In the days prior to an event when the most intense training is finished, a relaxing massage should be a part of the regime to have muscles in their most relaxed state for that event. In the hour before the event massage can be used as part of the warm up to stimulate the muscles and prepare them for action.
  • Immediately after the event massage can be used to help remove lactic acid from the muscles and to relax them thus helping to speed recovery.
  • Massage is a major part of the healing process after a muscle injury. Massage increases blood supply to the injury and helps reduce the build up of unwanted scar tissue on the injury. This helps the athlete to get back to normal training as soon as possible.
  • By keeping muscles long and elastic massage helps keep joints as flexible as possible. This is a benefit in every sport. Athletes who do not stretch sufficiently after training will be familiar with tight muscles and lack of flexibility. Massage can help counter this.
  • Sports (or deep tissue) massage can also help with the treatment of general aches and pains brought on by muscle tension. A good example of this would be the shoulder and neck tension (and associated headaches) resulting from poor posture when working at a computer.
  • What to Expect during a Sports Therapy Treatment in our Glasgow Clinic

    What to Expect during a Sports Therapy Treatment in our Glasgow Clinic

    During a sports massage treatment at our Glasgow Sports Therapy Clinic
  • The therapist will have a short consultation, to find out the relevant details of why you are attending for a massage and to take a medical case history.
  • Massage is normally performed on a couch and the client will undress to their underwear
  • Massage oils (e.g. Sweet almond oil) is used to allow the therapist to massage the client using, thumbs, fingers, hands and elbows.
  • The therapist may use sports massage techniques to determine range of movement, to measure progress and and assess any injuries.
  • Treatments normally last an hour
  • Avoid large or heavy meals prior to treatment
  • To make the most of the massage rest or take it easy after the treatment
  • Drink plenty of water to flush out any toxins released
  • Sports Massage Therapy Calendar

    Our Glasgow Sports Massage Therapy times are shown below. In addition our experienced therapuetic massage therapists routinely treat athletes for general health and specific injuries.click here to view the full clinic diary.

    Sports Massage

    Therapist Sam Mulgrew


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