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Our Suppliers

At Woodland Herbs we believe that manufacturing herbal medicines is not something that should be taken lightly. Therefore to provide the best quality products for our customers we have chosen companies who we consider care about the health of their customers foremost, rather than the wealth of their share holders.
  • BACH

    Logo When sourcing for a homeopathic company it had to be Weleda. They have been manufacturing medicines for over 75 years and have a very conscious approach to the organic growing of their plants and herbs. They grow over 300 species of plant, using no artificial pesticides in their biodynamic farms, ensuring purity and quality. We love the fact that Weleda have their own organic land and are conscious when farming to ensure the plants grown for their products don't threaten the local habitat.

    They take the same high standards when it comes to their body care range, which is not tested on animals, contains no artificial or synthetic ingredients and is suitable for vegetarians. All the packaging is made from recycled materials and they use recyclable glass bottles.

    Weleda have a very comprehensive range of homeopathic remedies for most over the counter conditions.
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    Bach (pronounced Batch) are the original flower remedies, created by a medical physician called Edward Bach in the 1930's. There are 38 Bach flower remedies to choose from. Edward Bach created a plant or flower based remedy for emotional demands made on a person in their day to day living. Each one aids a specific emotion, enabling you to take control by choosing a safe remedy to suit a specific emotion. The fact you can carry your remedy around with you, it is small enough to put it in your pocket and use when needed, makes this a very popular range. It is safe enough to use for all the family including your pets (which many of our customers recommend!). All of the mother tinctures are made at the Bach Centre in an Oxfordshire cottage, Mount Vernon, in beautiful surroundings. The people who work there use the same care and knowledge when preparing the mother tinctures as in the 1930's. The remedies are as relevant to today's society as they were in Edward Bach's time, maybe even more. Our emotions can affect our general state of health, but with these flower remedies you are in charge.
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    Logo When it came to choosing our main vitamin company our first choice was Solgar. The company was founded in 1947 and today they are at the forefront in the scientific research & technology of nutritional science. They lead the field in their commitment to nutritional supplements and the research that goes into new products.

    Throughout their manufacturing process all the raw materials are put through strict tests to meet the many high standards required of nutritional companies. Many people require their supplements to be free of preservatives, yeast, wheat, sugar, salt, starch, colourings and be suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Almost all Solgar products are free from these, and if not, they are well labelled. Not everyone has a healthy diet and even if you do you might feel the need to supplement specific nutrients or herbs to protect your health. Everyone is more health conscious and more aware of what they put in to their bodies to enhance their general health and there is considerable data to support the use of vitamins, minerals and herbs as part of a healthy lifestyle.
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    Logo Bioforce has been making their products for nearly 40 years, making use wherever possible of fresh plants from the company's own crops or plants growing in the wild. The company was founded by Alfred Vogel, a Swiss Naturopath who believed that the primary active constituents in a herb work together with the secondary constituents, playing an important synergistic role in the whole herb.

    The products are manufactured in Switzerland from organically grown fresh plant extracts. Bioforce have Good Manufacturing Practice standards which ensure quality control, and are able to have complete control and to trace the source of all raw materials. They use traditional herbal knowledge and modern techniques to bring quality herbal preparations to the general public.
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    Logo Salus-Haus was found in 1916 by Dr. Otto Greither and is still a family run business. Salus have a strong commitment to cultivating organic crops and helping the local economy and environment where they farm. Salus own two organic farms in Southern Chile and adhere to strict guidelines when cultivating organic herbs for their products. There are no fertilisers or pesticides used on any of the herbs and all raw herbs and natural fruits are tested for their purity and quality.

    On their organic farms they work with local farmers and help to subsidise their work to cultivate crops while giving local people employment. All of the Salus products (liquid supplements, tablets, capsules and organic herbal teas) are free of animal derivatives, preservatives, GMO and artificial colourings; making them suitable for vegetarians and an excellent range for all the family.
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