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We regularly receive comments from our customers, whether in the shop, internet customers or clinic customers. We have collected a few testimonials here to share.

  • Testimonials from the Shop
  • In the shop we try to offer our local customers the service and support they love to receive.

  • Clinic Testimonials
  • From back pain to grief, Irritable Bowel Syndrome to giving up flying, our therapists have seen most things.

    Don't just take our word for it, listen to what others have said.

    One of our favourites!

    I first visited Woodland Herbs quite soon after it opened ten years ago, as although I had no specific health issues at the time, I was interested in complementary health care. The location was good, on an accessible road with good parking and close to the City Centre. The staff and therapists were all so helpful and knowledgeable and there was and is such a calm atmosphere in the shop. That may be the essential oils I guess, which just goes to show that it does work.

    Some years ago, I was having difficulty conceiving a child and received so much support from everyone in the shop over the following years of treatment, expectation and disappointment. My son is now two. Anna Hill treated me in her role as a medical herbalist and later on as a pregnancy massage therapist. Her explanation of what happens inside the body and ways to help its recovery were so valued and really interesting. I felt that I was taking part in the recovery process, rather than passively waiting for medical test results. Francesca Howell treated me with acupuncture and helped me through a very difficult time during IVF treatments. Since George was born, various aches and pains from all the lifting and carrying have disappeared after John Williamson's fantastic skill as a shiatsu practitioner. My only criticism of John is that he makes himself redundant, as his treatments and suggestions for stretches to prevent reoccurrence are so good that you don't need to visit him again.

    There are so many other examples of ways in which I have gained better health through visiting Woodland Herbs. They sell biopropolis, which is the only cure for cold sores that I have ever found - and it was a shop assistant who suggested this treatment. My husband has sometimes had sciatica, and the last time it completely incapacitated him. John treated him and he has been at full capacity since. A visit to Woodland Herbs always makes me feel better in some way. Aside from physical health, the massage therapists are brilliant at reducing mental stress. It is a truly holistic centre of healing and I congratulate them on the first of hopefully many decades.

    Angie Harris, Glasgow

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