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Udo's Choice Oil

Udo's Choice Oil

A source of omega 3, 6 & 9 and the UK's market leading nutritional oil blend as recommended by two of the UK's most recognised nutritionists, Dr Gillian McKeith and Patrick Holford. A balanced 2:1:1 ratio of the essential fatty acids (EFAs) omega 3 and 6, and the beneficial fatty acid omega 9. It is a unique blend of certified organic flax, sunflower and sesame oils, with unrefined oils from the germs of rice and oats, evening primrose oil and non GM lecithin.


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CautionsCautions and Contraindications :Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.

Brand/Manufacturer :Udo's Choicet

Form :Oil or Capsules

Organic Status :

Vegetarian Suitability :Oil is suitable for vegetarians. capsules are not.

Details :

Typical Ingredients :Flaxseed oil, sunflower seed oil, sesame seed oil, coconut oil, evening primrose oil, soy lecithin, rice bran and rice germ oils, oat bran and oat germ oils. Capsules only Gelatin

Typical Dose (if available) :Typical adult dose 2 capsule 3 times a day / 3 dessertspoonfuls per day