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Staff at Woodland Herbs

At Woodland Herbs we offer over-the-counter advice on a range of topics, from hair loss, to eczema, choosing between appropriate therapies and many more. The staff behind the counter are trained to answer a wide range of queries but also have their own experience.

  • Graham is one of the owners of Woodland Herbs and has worked in the shop since the very beginning. He has in depth knowledge on a huge range of topics and is the one to ask if you are looking for an unusual product that we don't stock as standard.
  • Mary joined us in 2013 and is the person you are most likely to see in store. She makes sure everything is running smoothly in the shop and is able to answer a range of queries about our products using the knowledge she has gained over the years.
  • Pam first joined us in 2005, working part-time while she was studying for a degree in Herbal Medicine, she has done various other things since then but she became a permanent member of our team in 2018. She can give you her expert advice on herbal medicine as well as having a particular interest in Bach Flower Remedies .
  • Dorota has been with us since 2015, she is always adding to her already extensive knowledge about herbs and suppliements and has particular knowledge and interest when it comes to remedies that are suitable for children.
  • Jaiden joined us in 2017, she is particularly interested in making and using natural cosmetics and beauty products and can give help and advice when choosing ingredients for you to make your own. She especially enjoys helping you to perfect your essential oil blends at our perfume station.

  • Where approriate we can consult the practitioners within the clinic or can use our extensive library or our key suppliers to answer more complex questions.

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