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Beard Oil Recipes


If you walk down any metropolitan high street you will no doubt notice an increasing number of twenty-something men with longer than usual beards and facial hair. This increasingly common trend is sweeping towns and cities across the country. The problem that arises from this is how to take care of and condition the beards and moustaches.

Some beard oil recipes worth trying are a blend of carrier oils such as Jojoba, Argan, Coconut or Sweet Almond blended with a small amount of essential oil. Some more masculine scented oils include Cedar and Peppermint. In addition to creating a neat and conditioned beard, many of the carrier oils are very good for the skin underneath.

The first steps of making a good beard oil are to get the proportions right to suit you. Once you have picked a nice base oil and essential oil to give it a fragrance, it is important not to make the scent too overpowering after all, it is going to be applied on the face!

Below are some recipes to try.

Per 30ml bottle (ideally with a glass dropper pipette):

Mk 1 Beard oil – “Manly with Moisture”
25ml Sweet almond Oil
5ml Argan Oil
4 drops Cedar
3 drops Frankincense

Mk 2 Beard Oil “Clean and Fresh”
25ml Coconut Oil
5ml Argan Oil
4 drops Tea Tree
2 drops Rosemary

Mk 3 Beard Oil “Fresh and Sharp Coconut “
20ml Coconut Oil
10ml Sweet Almond Oil
2 drops Eucalyptus
2 drops Sage

Mk 4 Beard Oil “Citrus and Jojoba”
25ml Sweet Almond Oil
5ml Jojoba Oil
2 drops Lime
3 drops Sweet Orange

Add the required number of drops of essential oil to the carrier oil then shake the bottle to mix the ingredients. It is best to apply the mixture to a slightly moist beard to aid absorption. Then you can leave the mixture to sink into the hair to nourish and condition it to allow for a neater and more manageable beard that is simpler to maintain and care for.

For more information on different carrier and essential oils to use in beard oil we have a list of all of our essential oils and base oils on our Woodland Herb website as well as empty bottles to blend your oils in.