Using herbs to improve health is the most ancient form of medicine, and still the most common form of medicine used in the world. The use of medicinal herbs is in fact so widespread that most people will not even realize that they are using them (for instance many of the herbs and spices that are added to food aid the digestion).

An introduction to the world of herbal medicine and a short review of the history of herbal medicine in the UK.

How to recognise a qualified herbalist and what to expect from your consultation.

Some answers to frequently asked questions about using herbal medicine.

The top 10 conditions treated by the herbalists at our clinic in Glasgow.

An overview of the different herbal traditions from around the world.

Learn more about what ways you can use herbs, and considerations when choosing the right one for you.

From Agrimony to Yarrow, the traditional use of over 100 herbs.

Finding the name of a herb is not always easy. We have compiled an alphabetic list of both common and latin names for herbs which should help!

A few fun things to know about herbs.

Books that are classics in the field of herbal medicine.