Herbalism FAQ

Would it not just be quicker and cheaper to buy a herbal medicine over the counter rather than see a herbalist?
Sometimes this may be appropriate, however there are hundreds of herbs to choose from and single herbs or products are seldom relevant for everybody with the same complaint. Proprietry remedies may also be considerably more expensive compared to a mix of herbs that are specific to you and your condition.

Can I Get Herbal Medicine on the NHS?
Unfortunately it is still rare to see a medical herbalist with the NHS, however some GP’s are now working with medical herbalists.

How do I know that a medical herbalist is qualified? 
By seeing a medical herbalist who is a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (MNIMH) you can be assured that the medical herbalist has been trained to a high level (normally 4 years full time).

Are medical herbalists insured?
At Woodland Herbs we ensure that all of our medical herbalists are fully insured.

How is Herbal Medicine paid for?
Normally there are 2 charges, a fee for the herbalism consultation and a separate charge for the herbal medicines. By paying for them seperately you can see what you are paying for. Some forms of therapy have free consultations, but watch out, normally the price of the medicines are inflated to compensate.

Can I get a free trial?
Herbal medicine may be a simple treatment, occasionally it may involve a search for both the patient and the medical herbalist to find the right treatment. In our Glasgow clinic our herbalists are happy to see a prospective patient for a short discussion to find out if herbal medicine could help them. If you are not near Glasgow then ask your local herbalist if they offer these discussions with no charge or commitment.W

What is best Western, Chinese or Indian Herbalism?
Our herablists have been trained use elements of all these traditions, however the main focus is a Western herbalism perspective. They will have been trained in using elements of a range of traditions. To learn more about the range of traditional herbal knowledge that our herbalists can draw on please Read more about traditional herbalists