Top 10 Conditions treated by our Medical Herbalists

1. Stress. There can be many causes of stress (work, illness, family, or just life in general), and stress can have many effects on our lives (sleep problems, digestive complaints, headaches). With many causes and as many symptoms, stress can be difficult to treat. By treating the whole person and not just the symptoms the herbalist can often make a significant difference.

2. Female Hormonal Problems.Historically herbal medicine has been the main form of medicine used to treat the female cycle and hormonal problems. As such there are many herbs available to the medical herbalist to treat period pain, PMS and the menopause.

3. Digestive Disorders. Many of us suffer from digestive problems: irritable bowel syndrome, heartburn, ulcers, indigestion, bloating, wind. A medical herbalist aims to not only relieve the symptoms but also to give advice on diet and lifestyle, so that the cause of the problem is removed.

4. Allergies.Hayfever, cats, dust and more exotic allergies are increasingly common. A herbalist can often help.

5. Arthritis, Gout & Back Problems. Herbs can effectively treat a large number of joint conditions. The treatment of arthritis and gout would include not only pain management, but also herbs to slow the progression of the disease.

6. Sleep Problems. Sleep problems can be very disrupting to our lives, whether the problem is short term or long term. However sleep problems are also difficult to treat over the counter. It is easier to find a solution by having a full consultation with a medical herbalist who has many relaxing herbs to choose from.

7. Low Energy. Low energy levels can have a complex series of causes. A medical herbalist can help to identify the cause and treat it, whether due to poor diet or digestion or reduced hormonal activity.

8. Skin Conditions and Hair Loss. Eczema, psoriasis and acne are some of the most common skin problems. Herbs are sometimes chosen to help detoxify the body, allowing skin to clear naturally.

9. Pain Management. Management of conditions such as sciatica, Period Pain and headaches including migraines can be difficult. Long term use of painkillers can often be reduced by using herbal alternatives.

10. Infections.Although modern drugs are often available to combat infections herbal medicine can also be appropriate, by either supporting the body’s natural abilities or attacking the infection directly. With more bacteria becoming resistant to modern drugs herbal medicine is an important supplement to protect us from infections.

OTHER CONDITIONS? Many other problems have been successfully treated. Please feel free to contact us to discuss further.