Homeopathy: Frequently Asked Questions

[Note: If a condition is at all persistent, please consult your Doctor.]

Q: Which potency should I take?

A: The 30C potency can be used in self help treatment (this is the potency most commonly available over the counter).

Q: What about the dosage?

A: Unlike conventional drugs, the dosage of homeopathic medicines does not relate to body size or weight – a mouse would receive the same dosage as an elephant. 30C – acute cases, 1 dose every 2 hours for up to 6 doses; less acute cases, 1 dose 3 times a day. Repeat for up to 7 days if needed.

Q: Can homeopathic remedies be taken with other drugs?

A: There is no known report of any cross reaction. Some powerful drugs such as antihistamines or steroids are believed by some homeopaths to slow down or negate the action of homeopathic medicines. Also, the side effects of conventional drugs may complicate the apparent response.

Q: Can more than one homeopathic remedy be taken at one time?

A: In general, it is better to avoid taking more than one homeopathic medicine at a time because it complicates the assessment of results.

Q: Do homeopathic medicines have side effects?

A: Generally speaking, homeopathic medicines do not have side effects because their mode of action is quite different from that of conventional medicines. In theory it is possible that someone particularly sensitive to a remedy, even where a low potency is taken, could “prove” the remedy (that is to exhibit the symptoms of the full drug picture). Were this to happen, although it might be alarming, there would be no danger and the advice would be to take stopping the remedy. Homeopathic tablets contain lactose , however if you have an intolerance to lactose the medicines can be obtained in lactose-free forms.

Q: When should I stop taking the medicine?

A: When an improvement of the symptoms is noticed, increase the interval between doses. When there is a marked improvement, stop dosing altogether. If the symptoms recur, resume dosage or seek further advice from a homeopath or Doctor.

Q: For how long should a medicine be taken before results are seen?

A: There is no blanket rule that applies to everyone. For acute symptoms, an improvement should be seen within 6 doses. For chronic cases, the patient should at least “feel” a little better within a week, even though the symptoms may not yet have changed. If there is no improvement after 2 weeks then another medicine offering a better match to your symptoms should be selected. If symptoms do not go away, talk to your doctor, homeopathic practitioner. Alternatively you can call Weleda for further advice on 0115 944 8200.

Q: What about treating children?

A: Providing the condition exhibited is appropriate for self treatment, homeopathic remedies are perfectly safe for children. Young children often respond better to homeopathy than adults. However, with the exception of simpler conditions (e.g. coughs, colds etc) or childhood problems such as teething, children under two should always be seen by a doctor.

Q: Is it true that strong substances such as peppermint or coffee negate a homeopathic medicine?

A: Although not proven as a general guide the remedy should be taken half and hour before or after food, stongly flavoured toothpaste or coffee. If the patient is under the care of a practitioner, then follow that particular practitioners advice.

Q: Why should I consider seeing a Homeopath?

A: Although homeopathy can be taken as a self treatment in the cases of undiagnosed complaints or more serious health concerns then a homeopath can provide an important professional opinion and the homeopath will have access to a wider range of remedies and also remedies at a higher potency.