Our tastes has changed over the last century to prefer sweet and salty foods. This has resulted in a significant number of people who daily experience sugar highs and lows, affecting their moods, general wellbeing and energy levels. Part of the reason for this change is a move to a diet based on highly refined foods.

Anyone suffering from diabetes should follow the guidelines given by their medical practitioner 

Complex Carbohydrates

Some of the reasons for sugar highs and lows are :-The change to the use of refined sugar in many foods.Our preference of whites – white bread, white rice, etc. These processed foods release their sugars into our bloodstream quickly, leading to sugar rushes. A move away from complex carbohydrates, as found in potatoes, brown rice, wholewheat pasta. These complex carbohydrates take longer to be absorbed by our bodies and release their energy in a steady steam.

If you recognise the symptoms of sugar highs and lows then you may be increasing your risk of Type II diabetes (adult onset diabetes), as well as affecting other areas of your health and quality of life. It may be worth considering :-Seeking nutritional advice from a herbalist, dietician or even a self help book.Cutting down on highly processed foods and replacing them with healthier alternative, such as

  • Brown bread for white bread
  • Water or fruit juice for cola or sunny delight
  • Fruit and nuts for chocolate and sugar based sweets (although chocolate does contain a reasonable proportion of complex carbohydrates