In Glasgow the GP exercise referral scheme is helping people to safely get back into the habit of exercise. There are now task forces throughout the Western world focusing on increasing the amount of exercise taken by every age group.

A perspective which is often helpful is to think of being more active as something that you can apply to every aspect of life. If you spend the majority of your time sitting down at work or hobbies then allocating half an hour a day to exercise does not change your lifestyle from sedentary to active. Consider taking the batteries out of your TV remote, taking the stairs instead of the escalator, carry your shopping bags in from the car one by one, put your most used items in the cupboards you need to bend and reach to access – always be on the lookout for ways that you can bring more movement into your day to day life instead of simply allocating “exercise time”.

One of the most important factors if you decide to take up an exercise activity is to pick something which you find enjoyable! There are so many options, from walking or cycling groups, paint-balling, weightlifting, urban exploration, exercise classes or just going out on the town sober and dancing all night there is no need for exercise to feel like torture or punishment.

If you are thinking of increasing or starting to take exercise then you should consider if there you need to consult you doctor prior to taking exercise.


Probably the simplest form exercise to do, getting off the bus one step early, taking the stairs at work or walking to the shops can all dramatically increase the amount exercise taken throughout the week.


Often considered the lowest impact forms of exercise in terms of the stress put onto your joints swimming can be a gentle paddle or a an hour of hard cardiovascular work.


Another low impact exercise that is accessible for most people. When the weather is good doing part of your commute by bicycle is an easy way to get more exercise. Glasgow in particular has access to a vast cycle network that takes you along many scenic routes from a short cycle along a canal to a day long trip to somewhere more remote.