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September newsletter out!

Suffer from headaches?  Whether it’s tension headache or migraine, the September newsletter has plenty of tips on managing headpain naturally. Herbs, homeopathic remedies and essential oils are explored, as are other practical techniques and suggestions for soothing headaches without always reaching for yet another blister-pack of painkillers.

Also this month: did you know that Magnesium is needed for over 300 processes in the body?  Concerningly, many of us are deficient in this important mineral.  Herb of the month is September is Passionflower, which has surprisingly less to do with romantic ardour than sleep and relaxation.   And what exactly is Shiatsu?  Not to be confused with a pooch with silky locks, it’s a type of bodywork developed in Japan which is used to help a variety of ailments and conditions, from a frozen shoulder to a nervous tummy.  Sign up to future newsletters here, or mail us on for a copy of September’s newsletter.