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Saguna SilicolGel Colloidal Silicic Acid 200ml

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Silicic acid gel for symptoms of digestive discomfort
size: 200ml
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Silicolgel contails silicic acid which can bind to various harmful pathogens and toxic substances and can help reduce symptoms of IBS and other digestive disorders. Can help nausea, flatulence, stomache ache, diarrhoea, heartburn and acid reflux.

CautionsCautions and Contraindications :If using to help symptoms of diarrhoea ensure lost fluids are replaced with plenty of water. Do not take within an hour before or after taking medicine. If side effects occur consult a doctor. If symptoms have not reduced after three days consult a doctor.

Brand/Manufacturer :A Vogel

Form :Gel

Organic Status :

Vegetarian Suitability :
Typical Ingredients: Each 100ml of Silicic acid gel contains 3.5g Silicon dioxide. It also contains the preservatives: Sorbic acid (E 200), Sodium benzoate (E 211).
Typical Dose (if available) :Directions: Shake bottle well before each use. In response to acute symptoms take 15ml three times daily, preferably before meals. Can be taken undiluted or diluted with water. Once symptoms ease treatment can be continued for another few days.

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