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Start Up Info

Business Cards, Leaflets and avoiding Errors

i. You are responsible for maintaining a supply of leaflets and business cards on the counter in the shop. It is essential that materials in the shop contain our contact information, if you wish to include other details these need to be agreed with us. (best to do this prior to printing as we have not accepted some previous materials).
ii. Materials for external use that include our name should be submitted for review as we monitor the use of our name.
iii. We are happy to help either with preparation or reviewing of cards and leaflets (spell checking etc). Therapists have used Mail Boxes next door, printing.com, vistaprint (free cards), or their own PC and printer.

Website Info

Website - please provide text and images for your own page and also your therapy (if it is not already available). Please use a similar style to www.woodlandherbs.co.uk in terms of text payout. We will arrange formatting and add to the website.

Patient Notes

Patient Notes -There is space for patient notes in a cupboard behind the counter. The keys are on the key ring hanging underneath the clinic diary. This keyring also has keys for more toilet roll or paper hand towels.

How the Clinic Works

How the clinic works. It is assumed you will be available for your appointments from your start time and be available throughout your scheduled time. We will book people on this principle. If you decide to come in late, leave early or pop out for an hour then YOU must tell the clinic staff to mark out the time in the diary. If you wish to phone in the day before to check your appointments please feel free to do so, but if you are not intending to come in then ensure the appointments are crossed off. During the start-up period it is assumed you will be in the clinic or marketing locally or normal rent will apply.


It is generally expected that people will try to run to time, however soemtimes you may need to overrun. If you are overrunning into a time where you had no-one booked in when you started your treatment, then let us know, as we may have booked someone in for you while you were giving the treatment. In addition the half hour changeover time, allows a few minutes for the next therapist to get set up. Please ensure they have 15 minutes of changeover (even if you are still packing up). When your last booking is scheduled to finish when the shop shuts then you must be ready to leave within 15 minutes, or a an additional room rent charge applies (this is important as it allow the staff to go home or onto evening activities!)

Counter Staff

" Please be aware that clinic counter staff have a significant workload. Please do not view them as someone to chat to if you have no clients or if you are waiting for your next client.
" The area behind the counter is only available for access to notes in the cupboard.

Clinic Rooms

Rooms - as access to a specific room cannot be guaranteed you need to store equipment in the lockable cupboards provided in the shop. Some space is also available in the kitchen if required.
Massage couch - please read the information on the use of the couch on the back of the doors. They should be treated with care.
Oil burner - please switch off after use.
CD - please switch off after use.
Heaters - the oil filled heaters are on a timer. There are 4 settings on the timer cube: on, on timer, off, off timer. The light will be red if there is power to the heater.
Breakages - should be reported to the clinic staff.
Towels - Towels are provided for emergency use. If used please hand to a member of staff, do not leave folded in the room.


Positive / negative - We firmly believe that any therapist can build a successful practice from our clinic, however we are not going to do it for you! We will support where we can and hopefully also act as a sounding board for your ideas. If you have a quiet day, use the time to make the next day a busy day by letting people know you are available. If we know you are promoting yourself we will be motivated to support you, if you aren't then we won't be motivated either.

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