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Aromatherapy for Health

Welcome to our Aromatherapy mini-site. we hope you fird the information useful.Please contact us with any requests.

Aromatherapy Introduction

Learn a little bit more about what aromatherapy is all about and it's history.more

How are Aromatherapy Essential Oils are Made

How are aromatherapy essential oils made, from growing and harvesting to distilling.more

How to Use Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Learn how to use aromatherapy oils, in skincare, in the bath or to scent a room.more

Aromatherapy Safety and Precautions

How to use essential oil safely. more

A to Z List Of Oils

From anise star to Ylang Ylang, different oils and their uses.more

Aromatherapy Classic Blends

Although you can use oils on their own, a better scent, a more effective remedy can be made by blending oils. Here are a few recipes to start you off. more

Base Oils for Aromatherapy

A guide to the most popular base oils for massage or skincare.more

List of Ailments

A simple guide to oils for common ailments, both physical and emotional.more

Aromatherapy Accessories

Some of the things you can use to make aromatherapy easier and more fun. From storage boxes to electric vaporouriser we suggest some suitable accessories..more

Aromatherapy FAQ

Some common questions, from training to be an aromatherapist to how to buy oils more