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Bach Flower Remedies A to Z

Bach Flower Remedies A to Z
Recognising how you feel is the key to choosing the right remedy or selection of remedies for you. If you select more than 7 remedies then it is normally recommended to cut your choice by concentrating on how you feel now. Read more in our introduction or find your remedies below.
You are shy or feel anxious about something specificMimulus
You are anxious but cannot say whyAspen
You feel an extreme terror about somethingRock Rose
You fear you might lose controlCherry plum
You feel anxious about somebody else's safetyRed Chestnut
Your mind is on the past instead of the presentHoneysuckle
You are in a dreamClematis
You find yourself making the same mistakesChestnut Bud
Your mind is running over the same thingWhite Chestnut
You can't really be botheredWild Rose
You feel down in the sumps and don't know whyMustard
You feel tired after making an effortOlive
Your talkativeness leads to lonelinessHeather
You feel impatient with the slow pace of people or thingsImpatiens
You like your own company but sometimes feel lonelyWater Violet
You put things off, feeling tired at the thought of starting workHornbeam
You feel a bit let down after a setbackGentian
You give up when things go wrongGorse
You can't make your mind upScleranthus
You want to do something worthwhile but can't find your vocationWild Oat
You know what you want to do but doubt your judgementCerato
You are suffering from the effects of a shock, or from griefStar of Bethlehem
You feel resentful and sorry for yourselfWillow
You feel overwhelmed by your many responsibilitiesElm
You feel guilty or blame yourselfPine
You feel despair when there is no hope leftSweet Chestnut
You expect to fail and lack confidence in your skillsLarch
You are a strong person who struggles on past the limits of your strengthOak
You feel unclean or dislike something about yourselfCrab Apple
Sometimes you are a tyrant when you want to leadVine
Your enthusiasm leads you to burn yourself outVervain
You feel critical of or intolerant towards othersBeech
Your love of your family makes it hard to let them goChicory
You drive yourself hard trying to set an exampleRock Water
You can't easily say no to other peopleCentaury
Other peoples ideas knock you off course; you are unsettled at times of changeWalnut
You feel wounded, jealous, spiteful, or want revengeHolly
You hide your troubles behind a smileAgrimony

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Caution: Homeopathic remedies are often used as self-help for simple conditions, however for more serious complaints, or for young children under 2 or other similar situations, a professional homeopath or your doctor should be consulted before using homeopathic medicines.

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