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Make Your Own Remedies

One of the best, least expesive and hopefully fun ways to use herbal remedies is to 'make your own'. There are hundreds of creams, tinctures and oils available however you can always make your own unique mix of skin cream, or you own herbal tincture from your own garden. In this section of our website we have included instructions covering how to make a lip balm or how to grow herbs. There are many different recipes and we are happy to hear of different recipes or requests for other items. Please contact us with any requests

Make Your own Massage Oil

Learn how to make a simple massage oil to use with friends or family.more

Make Your Own Herbal Tea

A short guide on how to make a herbal tea.more

Make Your Own Herbal Tincture

Learn how to make your own herbal tincture from vodka and dried (or fresh) herbs.more

Using Oil Burners

How to burn essential oil safely. more

Make Your Own Infused Oil

Learn how to infuse herbs in oils, from capsicum oil for aches to lavender oil for grazes.more

Make Your Own Cream (From a base cream)

Learn how to use a base cream to make your own recipe of skin cream. more

Make Your Own Herbal Tobacco

Starting from dried herbs you can learn how to make your own nicotine free herbal tobacco.more

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