The  law in the UK limits what information can be provided by with certain homeopathic remedies. Although we offer a wide range of homeopathic remedies on our site at www.woodlandherbs.co.uk the law means that you would need to visit our homepage and navigate to our homeopathic remedies section in our online store. In this blog website we have useful information on a wide range of homeopathic remedies.

Homeopathy is a separate system of complementary medicine from herbal medicine and is based on homeopathic principles. Please use the small selection of homeopathy pages we have provided to learn what you need to know about homeopathy. Although we are herbal specialists if you would like to ask us a question about homeopathy please contact us.

Introduction to Homeopathy Learn more about the background of homeopathic medicines and how they are used today.

Homeopathy FAQ Answers to many of the most commonly asked questions about using homeopathic remedies.

Homeopathy by Ailment A simple self-help guide to finding the correct remedy for your symptoms

Homeopathy by Remedy Find out what the different homeopathic remedies are used for.
Caution: Homeopathic remedies are often used as self-help for simple conditions, however for more serious complaints, or for young children under 2 or other similar situations, a professional homeopath or your doctor should be consulted before using homeopathic medicines.

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