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Herbal Tea Dispensing Service

You have reached the webpage of the herbal tea dispensing service that Woodland Herbs offers to qualified herbalists.

We have been offering the service since 2004 to both herbalists working at our clinic and a number of external herbalists. The service is aimed at practicing herbalists who would like to use herbal teas but who often find storage, cost and the low turnover of herbs problematic. We have expanded to offer tinctures, creams, oils and more.

The key features of our service are:

  • Price of a prescribed mix of herbs is 2.40 per 100 grams (a few herbs are more expensive and will increase the price of the mix).
  • Orders can be sent by email or by telephone, and we normally achievesame day dispensing and posting.
  • Postage and packaging by first class mail is 2.70 + VAT if applicable (3.24). This price will change as Royal Mail increase or decrease their prices. Where a parcel can be made slim enough we will post as a large letter which has lower costs.
  • Regular invoicing to the prescribing herbalist, normally in December and June although will be more frequent if ordering over 6 prescriptions a month.
  • Prescriptions will include a label with your instructions and your name.
  • We try to stock organic herbs, except where availability or cost prevents this. Currently 40 of 100 herbs stocked are organic.

    Feel free to download our information below. If you are interested please can you complete the herbalist information sheet and return it to us. We can then begin accepting your orders.

  • Dispensed Items Pricelist (9K)pdfPricelist for tinctures, teas, creams, oils, etc
    Dried Herb List (18K)pdfDried Herb List
    Tincture List and Pricelist (16K)pdfPricelist for individual tinctures and tincture list
    Order Form (5K)pdfOrder Form
    Registration Form (3K)pdfRegistration Form

    If you have any questions or suggestions then please feel free to Contact Us

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