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Deep Tissue Massage – Why don’t we list it in our clinic massage therapies.

We are sometimes asked for a  deep-tissue massage in our clinic and have to explain why it is not one of the therapies we think need to be listed on our price list. What people don’t know is that for £30 and 4 hours of their time a massage therapist can add the title “deep tissue massage” to their list of qualifications. Sometimes it is a one day or sometimes a 2 day course or unbelievably […]

Therapeutic Massage – the one massage to rule them all

When looking at  a choice of massage therapies offered by some spa’s and clinic’s I often despair that massage will one day stop being a skilled practice by professionals and become a service offered in MacDonalds. “So its a Bigmac and fries and a back-shoulder-stress-buster-massage, and would you like you to supersize that with a coke and a foot massage?”. The menu approach to choosing a massage based on packaged options may be the result […]

Remedial, Sports, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Advanced, Medical – Why are there dozens of names for a massage treatment using oil?

Massage treatment continues to grow as a popular therapy to maintain the health of bodies, to treat injuries or to mange excessive stress and tension. However there has also been an increase in the different titles for massage treatments and qualifications. There is one simple reason this happens : To sell massage course to massage therapists! Here in Glasgow many of our massage teaching colleges like to have a progression in their courses so they […]

Five ways to make a loose herbal tea

Most people when they make a herbal tea from loose dried herbs are surprised by how much more flavour, aroma and beneficial effects they have than a prepackaged herbal teabag. The only downside is that it may take a few more seconds to make your tea.  Here are 5 different options we recommend. 1. Classic option – a metal tea infuser. These are the quickest and simplest option –  open the jaws and grab the […]

5 reasons to replace coffee with a herbal tea

Here at Woodland Herbs we have over 100 different herbal teas, however many of us like our morning cup of coffee. Working in a natural health shop we know that there are lots of reasons to cut back on coffee and here are five – maybe they can encourage you to cut back on your coffee habit. 1. Caffeine. Caffeine is a trigger to your adrenal system, the “fight or flight” mechanism humans evolved to […]

2014 Class and Course Calendar

Our new class and course calender of natural health talks, workshops and more is now available on our calendar page and also on our facebook page. To keep track of what we are up to you can subscribe to our calendar (at the bottom of the page) or like us on facebook. You can even book online.

A Good Night’s Sleep

The science of sleep is often mentioned in the media, with willing victims having their sleep observed or deprived in dedicated sleep clinics. The difficulty for researchers is that sleep is controlled by the brain, and scientists are still trying to understand how the brain works! Sleep is a natural and necessary state which we all need to experience in order for our bodies to function. While asleep, we have reduced consciousness, experience far less […]

Classes and Course Program 2012

We have just published our program of classes and courses in our clinic in Glasgow for 2012. You can view the years classes on our new calender or you can view the different classes and courses in our online store. We will also be adding them to facebook shortly. Highlights include our a wide range of talks on the first Thursday of each month. We have 2 “big Sunday’s of talks” where you can attend […]

Festive Opening Hours

Our Christmas 2011 opening hours are available at A range of therapies will be available between Christmas and New Year. During December we have a special offer in the shop. If you spend £20 we will give you a lovely book of vouchers for each month in 2012, with savings of up to £150 available.

Stopping Smoking with Herbal Help

This month (March 2011) we are have a special offer of 20% off any heal products to hep stopping smoking. We have a useful leaflet on stopping smoking that offers some guidance but here are some simple herbal helpers :- Herbal Help There are many ways in which taking herbs can help when trying to give up smoking. While some of these have scientific background, others have a historical background or come from customer recommendations. […]

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