Author: Graham

Massage Therapist are the worst massage clients

Massage therapists are renowned for being the worst people for looking after their own bodies. Being a massage therapist is a physically demanding job, often with 8 hours or more standing each day and applying pressure onto and into the muscles of their clients. Although most massage therapists know about posture and the importance of using a strong position to create the massage pressure from their whole bodies rather than just their hands or arms, […]

Cleanse and Revitalise

Cleanse & Revitalise Finally it feels like winter has left! After a long, dark winter in which we’ve been eating heavier meals to keep warm, and generally doing less exercise than is perhaps good for us, it’s no surprise that we might be feeling a little run down. Now, as the days are longer and milder, and fresh fruit and veg is more available, is the time to think about preparing for a detox; not […]

Classes and Course in Glasgow at Woodland Herbs

Just a quick post to mention that the 2011 program of classes and courses is in full swing at Woodland Herbs. The popular herb walk in Kelvingrove Park is this Thursday (4th August 2011 at 7pm meeting at Woodland Herbs in Glasgow). Our program of talks and events can be found at: current talks program at You can also book and pay online or follow us on facebook (click “like” and visit the events […]

Some Useful Websites for more info on some therapies in glasgow

We are really happy that for a number of therapies  there are some dedicated websites that offer greater details than our main site for Sports massage got to sports massage in glasgow for a lot of information on acupuncture try this website if you are considering thai yoga massage visit thai massage in glasgow for a huge amount of info on medical herbalism We can also answer specific questions by email, on the […]