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Beard Oil Recipes

If you walk down any metropolitan high street you will no doubt notice an increasing number of twenty-something men with longer than usual beards and facial hair. This increasingly common trend is sweeping towns and cities across the country. The … Continue reading

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Stand Up Straight – 5 Myths about Posture

There are people in the world whose main job is to help us sit up correctly, stand in harmony with our bodies, run, walk, play instruments and all forms of movement exactly how nature intended. These amazing people are Alexander … Continue reading

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What happened to my tinctures?

Since new EU restrictions came into force last year, many have found that their favourite tinctures are no longer on sale over the counter. However, with a little time and some basic items, you can make your own tinctures with the minimum of fuss. Continue reading

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Tinnitus: Scotland’s problem buzz

Many of us will have experienced a temporary buzzing or ringing in the years after a night out at a noisy nightclub or concert, particularly if you’ve found yourself close to the speakers.  For generations of teenagers, battle-hardened metallers and … Continue reading

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September newsletter out!

Read our September newsletter for suggestions and information on headaches, Magnesium, Passionflower, Shiatsu and more. Continue reading

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